Each year we send pupils to leading senior schools via Pre-Assessment, Common Entrance and 13+ scholarships. We aim high and seek to foster curiosity,?and a real enjoyment of life-long learning. We also educate our pupils for the modern world, equipping them with the soft skills they will need for the future, such as collaboration and teamwork. Examples of how soft skills are woven into the curriculum include: group and pair work, class and year group trips and the Ambassador Programme (in Years 7 and 8).

Our multi-sensory/active learning approach encompasses every type of learner: visual, kinaesthetic and auditory; and exciting teaching methods ensure children are encouraged to be active participants, rather than passive listeners.

The curriculum is broad and differentiated, tailored to individual needs. The Arts, Sciences, Humanities (Religious Studies, Geography, History) and Languages (French and Latin), together with high spiritual and moral values are at the heart of the school curriculum. ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is integral to the teaching of these subjects.

We also encourage independent learning and?therefore?teach?examination techniques and give training in study skills. Pupils in Years 3, 4 and 5 are taught predominately by their form taker with specialist teachers for Art, DT, Games, Music and Drama. Pupils are also inspired to develop a lifelong love of reading. Alongside reading challenges and author visits, at least half an hour is set aside every day for reading.

Learning Support is available for children with specific educational needs and for those identified as able, gifted and talented.

Parents receive regular attainment and effort grades and two written reports per academic year. As well as Parents' Evenings which take place once a year, parents are welcome to discuss their child's progress at any time.

The contribution of teaching is excellent and contributes highly to the pupils’ achievement."
ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate)

An impressive number of children gain scholarships every year - 22 in 2017 and 19 in 2018. Year 8 leavers go to?a host of schools - 21 different destinations in 2018. Popular choices include Marlborough (eight out of 53 in 2018), Sherborne, Sherborne Girls, Radley, Godolphin, St Mary's Ascot, St Mary's Calne, Ampleforth and Downside. Some boys go to Eton, Harrow or Winchester most years."
The Good Schools Guide

There is a focus on enrichment of personality: they are educating children for their futures and the workplace, not merely churning out exam bots."
Tatler Schools Guide 2020

Pupils’ attitudes to their work and learning are exemplary."
ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate)


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