Holiday Courses 2019-2020

Please download our Holiday Programme 2019-2020 for information on the Farleigh Fun and Farleigh Tennis courses that are currently bookable over this academic year. These are available to all children in the local community and the wider area.

Click this link: Farleigh Fun Holiday Sports Programme 2019-2020

About Us

Farleigh Fun and Farleigh Tennis are new initiatives designed to provide activity/sport courses for children throughout the school holidays at Farleigh School, near Andover. The school is easily accessible from the A303 and A343.

The Farleigh Fun courses are for boys and girls in Years 2 to 6, and Farleigh Tennis for boys and girls in Reception to Year 8. They are available to all children, whether they attend Farleigh School or from the local and/or wider area. All ability levels are welcome.

Farleigh Fun courses will run from 9.00am-4.00pm, using our excellent indoor and outdoor facilities. The main coaching element of the day runs from 10.00am-3.00pm, and we also offer supervised activities during the drop-off and pick-up times from 9.00am-10.00am and 3.00pm-4.00pm to extend the day and help parents who work.

Course benefits

  • Fun and friendly way to improve skills
  • Expert coaching and tuition
  • Become active whilst making new friends
  • Build confidence through fun activities
  • Nutrition and healthy eating are promoted on each course
  • Multi-Sport

The multi-sport courses combine a wide range of sports and fun games to include activities such as handball, basketball, cricket, dodgeball, swimming, capture the flag etc. All of these sports, and more, will keep your child entertained throughout the day. In a typical day, your child will play at least five different sports or games and take part in lunchtime quizzes and activities.

Sport Specific

Sport specific courses are focused on delivering expert coaching in your child's chosen sport. These courses are designed to improve confidence, develop core skills and, most importantly, to encourage your son or daughter to enjoy and learn from their sporting experience.

A typical day:
9am - 10am - Drop off with supervised activities
10am - 12pm - Coaching
12pm - 1pm - Lunchtime (packed lunches) with quizzes / activities.
1pm - 3pm - Coaching
3pm - 4pm - Pick up with supervised activities
Typical daily costs: (subject to change on some sport specific courses)

1 day £25
2 days £45
3 days £65
4 days £85
5 days £100

Booking - You must reserve your child's place on the course by contacting Farleigh School in advance. Please note the course codes from our brochure (link above) before calling, as these will be necessary to make your booking.

Payment can be made by BACS or by cheque, either in advance or on the first day of the course. We do not accept childcare vouchers for these courses. Please contact our School Office Email: Telephone: 01264 710766 to book.

Courses marked with a star in the brochure are bookable direct with Lions in The Community at

Contacts - A Parent/Guardian must complete the enrolment form and leave details as to where they can be contacted throughout the day if necessary.

Food - Your child will need to bring a healthy and balanced packed lunch, a still drink and snacks for mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks.

Clothing - Your child should be suitably dressed in shorts, T-shirt, jogging bottoms, sweatshirts and trainers. Please note the weather and dress appropriately for all conditions. Some courses may need specific items such as swimming costumes, shin pads etc.


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