Meet the Head

Father SimonFarleigh is a wonderful place in which to spend your childhood. It is set in the Test Valley of Hampshire in?70 acres of parkland and woodland where children can be 'free range' in safety - and this only an hour from London. The Georgian house, which is the centre of the school, provides a welcoming home for over 460?boys and girls aged 3 to 13. This is particularly important for our 120 boarders and 20 resident staff.

Attentive pastoral care is one of our particular strengths and we go to great lengths to ensure the fulfilment of all our pupils. They experience a stimulating curriculum complemented by the opportunities for games and sport as well as extensive music, art and drama. These are such important years as they lay foundations for up to ten years before the children go on to senior schools.

All this is rooted in the Catholic vision of life, which values each individual and encourages a sense of wonder about life. Welcoming members of all faiths, Farleigh is a place of energy and spirited enquiry where our children grow in kindness and in confidence.

Fr Simon Everson

What I hope a child will say who has been at Farleigh School:

  • Here I was encouraged to go further.
  • Here I exceeded what I thought I could do.
  • Here I learned confidence which has served me well in subsequent years.
  • Here people believed in me.
  • Here I was listened to.
  • Here I was understood.
  • Here I experienced God as kind, loving and generous.
  • Here I received care and affection, making lasting friendships.
  • Here I was given the best possible start in life.
  • Here was where it all began.


Fr Simon Everson was appointed Headmaster in 2004 having been Farleigh Chaplain since 1999. Educated at Caterham School, he gained a BA in Theology at Leeds (Collegiate - Ripon & York St John) and the Oxford University Three Year Certificate in Theology at Ripon College, Cuddesdon, a theological college near Oxford.

Becoming an Anglican Curate, he was based in Rotherhithe in the Docklands between 1983 and 1987, before moving to Kennington as a Vicar for nine years. It was during this period that Fr Simon became further interested in the education and welfare of children, serving as Chaplain and governor of the Archbishop Michael Ramsey Technology College in Camberwell, a school of nearly 1000 pupils.

His desire to move into education led to his appointment in 1996 as Senior Chaplain of Hurstpierpoint College in West Sussex, a role he held until 1999 when, with nothing but gratitude for his Anglican days, he made the decision to convert to Catholicism. At Farleigh, he teaches Religious Studies to Years 7 and 8, and Personal Social and Health Education to Years 6, 7 and 8.

Fr Simon is married to Gail and they have two daughters. His ordination to the priesthood at Westminster Cathedral by Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor in 2000 was attended by over 600 parents, staff and children from Farleigh. He continues to be Chaplain today and celebrates Mass in the school Chapel every Sunday throughout the year.?

Father Simon Everson ('thoughtful, intelligent') is the inspirational Head at this magical Catholic prep (though only 40 per cent of students are Catholic), leading with kindness and encouraging his pupils 100 per cent at everything... Parents praise the fact that their children have been lucky enough to enjoy a stress-free childhood: 'It lets children be children' - but there's not a hint of shabbiness. Slick, smart and very, very happy."
Tatler Schools Guide 2020

Parents say he is an outstanding head. One told us: 'He is an amazing and very unique man. He is very approachable and understands how parents think. The children highly respect him.'"
The Good Schools Guide


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